Award for the video Educating on Consent

We are delighted and honoured to receive the award from Mediterranean Women´s Fund  for Genderhood´s participation in the #StopTalkkingStartFunding campaign (23-24/06/2021) co-organised by  Νous Toutes και Collectif Générations Fémistes. The aim of this global campaign was to put pressure on governments attending the Generation Equality Forum (Paris) to take action to end gender-based violence.

Our intervention

This is Generhood’s first public intervention at the advocacy level to promote the objectives of the organisation. Specifically, our statement was made on the issue of consent, which we deal with in the Synai/no.

In a creative way, we expressed the need for more educational actions to train children in the culture of consent as a life skill. 

We wanted to create material that is direct and understandable for the whole world, fitting statistics, theories based on the science of psychology and our own experience. So we created the Educating on Consent video. 

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Για την υλοποίησή του συνεργάστηκαν οι:

Sofia Kontantopoulou, Managing Director Genderhood
Xrysa Petala, Visual Notekepper, Co-Founder & COO Youthnest 
Ilektra Poirazoglou, Videographer

The campaign #StopTalkingStartFunding

#StopTalkingStartFunding is the global campaign against gender and sexual violence. Its aim is to demand that states commit the necessary resources to end gender-based violence.

At the heart of the #StopTalkingStartFunding campaign are two recommendations, identified by the collectives  Générations Féministes and Nous Toutes , with the support of feminist networks from around the world , to end gender and sexual violence.

1. Increasing the budgets dedicated to the fight against gender and sexual violence

States should commit themselves financially and allocate at least 0.1% of their gross domestic product to the fight against gender-based and sexual violence.

2. Access to justice for survivors of gender-based violence

States should strengthen support for survivors of gender-based and sexual violence at all stages of their journey and facilitate their access to justice.