Launch of “Equality Map” project

Welcome to the Equality Charter Project

InterMediaKT and Genderhood are joining forces to strengthen citizen participation on equality and human rights issues.

The “Equality Map” project contributes to the need for social change at a time when the issue of gender equality is in the spotlight, especially after the Greek #metoo. The lack of a targeted educational process on gender equality, the increased incidents of femicide and sexual abuse of children in Greece and the ranking of Greece, in last place in the EU Gender Equality Index (EIGE, 2022), highlight the immediate need for education and awareness raising.

The project includes:

  • Training and exchange of good practices between project partners.
  • Creation of an online platform with educational material to raise awareness and understanding of the values of the European Union, addressed to secondary school teachers.
  • Design and implementation of an educational programme for secondary school students on the understanding of gender equality and the rights deriving from the Charter of Fundamental Rights.
  • Information and awareness-raising campaign on social media

Our main goals are:

  • Promoting gender equality and strengthening the reduction of discrimination.
  • Cultivating a climate of empowerment and equality for all.
  • Educating students, empowering the educational community and raising awareness of the general public about the right to gender equality

Our main target groups are:

  • secondary school students,
  • secondary school teachers,
  • civil society organisations,
  • the general population

We are confident that through this programme we will contribute to the promotion of a society where equality and justice are fundamental principles for all of us.

Join us on this journey towards an inclusive society!

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The Equality Charter project is implemented in the framework of the BUILD programme with InterMediaKT as implementing organisation and Genderhood as partner.

The project “Building a robust and democratic civic space” (BUILD) aims to protect, promote and widely recognise the fundamental rights and values of the EU through the support of civil society organisations (CSOs) in Greece and Cyprus and the strengthening of their capacities and sustainability. BUILD is co-funded by the European Union, through the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV) programme, the Bodossaki Foundation and the NGO Support Centre Cyprus with a total grant amount of €2.9 million.BUILD is coordinated by the Bodossaki Foundation (Greece) in partnership with the NGO Support Centre (Cyprus)”.