Pixida Straße

In October 2017 we organized at the Jugend Museum in Berlin (http://bit.ly/2EOV3TC) the seminar Pixida Straße (=Compass Street), within the START- Create Cultural Change program https://vimeo.com/241334045 Pixida Straße guided the sex educators on a theatrical journey. The idea was born out of the desire to enrich the already wide range of methods that educators use …

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[kálpi] + [fílo]

ballot box, the [kálpi]: a box with a slot at the top, into which voters cast their ballot gender, the [fílo]: the gender (male or female) of humans or animals Dictionary definitions. They define words with objective references to conditions that are presented as objective truths. But what happens when the truths are not just …

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Games. Big or small. Plastic or wooden. With wheels or with propellers. With blond hair or plush tentacles. With angles or with curves. Beautiful or ugly. Whatever form we give to games, we have always loved playing with them. We loved letting our imagination set up worlds with dragons, fairies, pirate ships, and lost Atlantis. …

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