About Us

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We started οur way. With courage and boldness and without financial support to bring to the Greek reality issues that we had never heard when we were on the bench. Until then, each of us was engaged in collective and feminist activism at school, in the neighborhood, on the islands, and abroad.

Until our journey brought us to form an organization that would have everything we dreamed of: working for social change in workplace conditions that manifest change.

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Our approach

Our Mission

Genderhood empowers communities of all ages to co-create a world of gender equality.

Our Vision

For a world of free gender expression.

Our Values

Our values are an integral part of our work culture at Gendehdood. They are the foundation of our work, our decision-making processes, and the relationships we develop not only with each other on a collegial level, but also with external partnerships and target groups.

Our Values



Driven by our passion, skills, knowledge and dedication, we produce ideas that matter. Creativity is embedded in our very being.



We create channels of direct and honest communication with our team, the institutions we work with and the groups we empower. We emphasize meaningful interaction.



We empower ourselves, the communities around us and vice versa. We share our expertise and strive to make the communities around us better than us. We provide respect, accountability and control of their tools so that each community can create and inspire.



We believe in the human’s ability to express the range of their potential in a context of empathy. We also recognise that no individual is more important than any other and that everyone's time is equally valuable. With a goal to achieve change we propose collective solutions to collective issues.



Our consistency is determined by our experience in implementing projects in the field of gender equality and our sense of responsibility towards our target groups and partner organisations. We always aim for quality and the impact that the final result brings.

Where we Work

Our team started in Thessaloniki, Greece, and since 2020 there have been two bases of operation. Our headquarters are located in the centre of Athens.

We carry out (gender) equality actions in Athens & Thessaloniki. At the same time, we travel to areas outside urban centres to disseminate methods of inclusion and combat gender stereotypes to populations in need.

School classrooms

Children’s festivals

Creative activity centres

Companies, as part of events for their staff and/or their families

Independent initiatives

Online platforms

Social media