Buy Responsibly

Buy Responsibly

Place your orders online and donate to our cause at no cost.

By registering on the YouBeHero platform, through your purchases you can actively support our equality actions at no extra cost.

Step 1

Join YouBeHero

It is the first free platform in Greece that creates the triangle of responsibility-shopping-social responsiveness.

Step 2

Become a supporter of Genderhood

To save your chosen organization you need to create an account at no extra charge. This is where all your donations, points, medals and ranking on this epic journey of heroism will be stored!

Step 3

Shop at over 455 stores

Find the store you're looking for through YouBeHero and click "visit store" to go to their page. Through working with these stores, when you make a purchase, as a "thank you" they give us a commission.

Step 4

Install the heroic reminder.

Install the YouBeHero app on Chrome!
With the Heroic Reminder app, you'll never forget to make a donation to the organization you support. Dozens of users are already using it already, it's completely free and installation takes seconds. It contains no ads and is not annoying.

Step 5

Congratulations, you did a heroic act!

Your donation has been recorded! Once you complete your purchase, you will be sent an email stating how much money you donated and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

It costs nothing however it is worth all the money in the world.
Thank you so much for your time! Be a heroine, a hero now!