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Launch of "Synai/no for teachers: a guide to cultivating consensus skills in the learning environment"

After Synai/no: A Guide for Parents, Genderhood launches a new programme, “Synai/no for Teachers“, to bring consensus to another key environment of children’s daily life, the primary school! By offering primary school teachers a comprehensive guide that combines theory, practical applications, activities and tools, we expect to create a safe and respectful learning environment that promotes healthy boundaries and interpersonal relationships, prevents gender violence and bullying at school.

Project Stages

  1. Focus Group DIscussions

Before start writing the guide, we will conduct focus group discussions with primary school teachers to understand in depth and identify their specific needs and  formulating a guide that responds to the challenges of the school environment. 

  1. Writing | The contents of the guide

The guide will include

  • Introduction & the Importance of Consent
  • Theoretical Foundations
  • Activities for the Classroom
  • Inclusive Education
  • Working with Parents
  • Bibliography/Suggestion
  1. Distribution

The guide will be available in Greek and English, in digital format and will travel throughout Greece and abroad. It will be posted on Genderhood website and will also be distributed through our network and the Primary Education Directorate to schools across the country free of charge.

We hope that by sending this guide to schools across Greece, even in the most remote areas where our presence has not yet been established, we can contribute to supporting and creating safer environments, and, thus, a more inclusive society.

If you are a primary school teacher (of children aged 6-12 years old) and wish to participate in the Focus Groups, please fill in the contact form below,

Why do we insist on Consent?

Only when it is ensured that interactions between people occur with respect and mutual agreement can we talk about the right of people to decide freely about their bodies and their personal choices.

Then, can we talk about gender equality!

Capacity building actions

Within the framework of the project, Genderhood will implement capacity building activities with the support of experts who will contribute to the development of financial management & fundraising tools,  and the development of a unique Genderhood e-shop. Stay tuned!

The participation of Genderhood and the implementation of the Synai/no project for teachers is supported by the Bodossaki Foundation and the Fondation Chanel, in the framework of the Civil Society Empowerment Programme for Civil Society Organisations active in the field of gender equality.

Of course, we always continue our workshops

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