Αvoid the Bat

On Tuesday 26/10 (17:30-19:3o) Genderhood joins forces with STEM Education and Edify Kids in an event to bridge the digital divide.

Avoid the Bat is designed to provide advanced programming knowledge to individuals who already have experience programming using Scratch 3.0. Attending the program will give participants the opportunity to engage with complex algorithmic techniques, structured programming and artificial intelligence (AI). In particular, participants will practice image recognition and classification techniques used in modern machine learning processes.

The workshop is structured based on the gamification methodology. The workshop is facilitated by STEM Education instructors. The ultimate goal is to enhance self-confidence, and eliminate gender disparities in the field of computer science and programming in a very fun and enjoyable way.

The workshop will be conducted through the ZOOM platform.

Participation in the event is free of charge. Registration is required by 25/10: https://forms.gle/GF7Hm7rtTKpCenrT8
Instructors: Viki Christopoulou, STEM Education Educator and Konstantina Antimahiti, STEM Education Educator

The organisations behind the event:

Since 2017, AMKE Genderhood has been promoting gender equality and preventing gender stereotypes. It advocates for human rights through active learning and art practices. Genderhood’s mission is to empower communities of all ages to independently co-create a world of gender equality. The organization designs educational programs, socio-cultural activities and creative workshops for children and adults of all ages.

STEM Education develops comprehensive year-long educational programs for all levels of education. The educational content is based on programs from some of the world’s most prestigious universities (MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Tufts) as well as renowned educators who make up our scientific team.

Edify Kids has a vision of child excellence. But what do we mean by “Excellence” ? The child to develop and reach their full potential in areas that align with their aptitudes and interests. Based on this vision, it has formulated a series of programmes that aim to help children to develop, making the most of their abilities and talents.

Meet and Code aims to introduce children and young people aged 8 to 24 to the world of technology and programming. The events are designed to showcase how much fun coding can be and how it can help generate ideas. They will learn how technology works and how computing affects our everyday lives. By exploring a wide range of technology, digital topics and creative programming, they will be encouraged to develop the digital skills they need in today’s world.

Behind Meet and Code are SAP, Haus des Stiftens gGmbH and the TechSoup Europe country network partners.

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