Games. Big or small. Plastic or wooden. With wheels or with propellers. With blond hair or plush tentacles. With angles or with curves. Beautiful or ugly.

Whatever form we give to games, we have always loved playing with them.

We loved letting our imagination set up worlds with dragons, fairies, pirate ships, and lost Atlantis.

In May 2019 we were invited by TEDx Thessaloniki and created the LEGO games game, a proposal for a game outside the borders. For a game that allowed the imagination to create a new world, beyond blue and pink.

A world where there are no boy or girl toys. A world where colors, shapes and senses reigned without discrimination. From such a world they could not miss: 1) bricks that cover all tastes and 2) emotions that are covered through creation with our own hands.

Genderhood and Eduk8 created a world where puns became LEGO games and where for a while participants could become children again.

Educational program design: Niki Panteliou