[kálpi] + [fílo]

ballot box, the [kálpi]: a box with a slot at the top, into which voters cast their ballot

gender, the [fílo]: the gender (male or female) of humans or animals

Dictionary definitions. They define words with objective references to conditions that are presented as objective truths.

But what happens when the truths are not just objective? How many female votes do the ballots hold?

How much of public speech is exclusively male?

In March 2019, at the invitation of the Smallville community, created in Xylokastro, Corinthia, as part of the Brutal Stories initiative, Genderhood designed, cut and sewed an experiential workshop to respond to current needs.

During each election period, election posters are posted on the streets, dialogues are set up on television panels, and politicians talk directly with the candidates.

Together with the Smallville team, we brought to the fore the personal experiences of people in the local community. These are the people who co-shape the character of the city.

The participants formed their own [fílo] and fit it into the [kálpi].

Educational program design: Niki Panteliou