Carnival workshop on Gender Equality

The Urban Non-Profit Company Genderhood is openly inviting schools to design the experiential “Costume for Obstacles” workshop within the school. The theme of the workshop is the selection of uniforms based on stereotypes for boys ‘and girls’ uniforms.

Based on the tale of Lina Mousioni “A horse is wanted for an amazon” (Metaichmio, 2017), the workshop invites children to take on the role of heroine and hero. With experiential interactive activities, the children who will take part in our workshops in Athens, Thessaloniki and Larissa, will enter the atmosphere of a carnival party and dressed in their costumes will design a new outfit that will be cut and sewn to their measurements. The purpose of the workshop is through dramatized storytelling and creative play techniques, the children to go one step further their imagination and to fit in costumes that will fit their desires.

Time to read fairy tales upside down. Children of generation 2.0 need to create mirror experiences that will prepare them for adult life and all the difficulties and conveniences it will bring. It would not be enough for them to read just how patient and beautiful princesses must be, nor how brave and strong the knights of fairy tales must be. We want children to come close to role models who can do anything: from a girl who becomes an Amazon of Fire to a boy who becomes a Heavenly Horse.

There are fairy tales that do not fit into molds. And there are carnival costumes that invite obstacles. Every time Halloween approaches, the children feel anxious. Go to the shops, put on a costume, make her look playful and imaginative, wear a mask, take off the mask. And be careful that the whole outfit is not too old-fashioned. What would happen if the masks fell off and the children made their own… upside down costume?

The Genderhood team suggests that children should be encouraged to create their own unique outfit. For this reason, the experiential workshop “Costumes for Reversal is Wanted” was created. and self-confidence.

More details

Format: Experiential workshop based on the book “Horse Wanted for Amazon”, by Lina Mousioni (Metaichmio, 2017)
Which: 2 animators of the Genderhood team
Where: school room
When: Halloween season
Duration: two school hours
For whom: in children from 6 to 9 years old
(a) storytelling,
(b) creative writing,
(c) role-playing games; and
(d) visual arts
Why: it aims to inspire children to read more actively and enjoying the company of different heroes and heroines to grow up without discrimination because of their gender, with freedom of expression, critical thinking and self-confidence.
Number of participants: 20

More information

“Genderhood”, experiential workshops on gender equality

* Genderhood is an organization for the “expression of our genders”. His actions are aimed at children from 4 to 9 years old and are related to issues such as gender stereotypes, gender equality, power roles and human rights. At the same time, it organizes seminars for teachers.

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phone: 6978315745
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