Upside Down Fairy Tale: A new Equality Education Program

Genderhood presents ‘Upside Down Fairy Tale’, a new series of experiential workshops on classic and modern fairy tales and the patterns they display. The project aims to inspire children to read more actively and enjoying the company of different heroes and heroines to grow up without discrimination because of their gender, with freedom of expression, critical thinking and confidence.
The #enaparamithitifora campaign, which has been running on Facebook in recent months, has highlighted some of the books that promote empowerment for children. Inspired by the new age tales, aimed at children of the 2.0 generation, a research has been started on how fairy tales can become a tool for combating stereotypes.
Genderhood found the magic combination in a cycle of 7 + 1 experiential workshops, called ‘Fairy Tale Upside Down’. The methodology he uses is (a) storytelling, (b), creative writing (c) role-playing games and (d) visual arts (+1) festive presentation of the collective creations that the children will make at the Thessaloniki Book Fair in May 2020 .
In the series of experiential workshops ‘Fairy Tale Upside Down’, children will wander in magical worlds. The aim is to exorcise the fairytale expectations of the real world, to solve the spells on their own and to get out of the enchanted forest… With the help of the children and a magic filter of their imagination, the stage will be set for creating their own unique fairy tale: a tale without stereotypes, without must and not, where heroes and heroines can do everything.
The animation of the workshop is undertaken by Niki Panteliou (educator), Sofia Konstantopoulou (communication specialist) and Ioanna Nikolaidou (kindergarten teacher).
‘Fairy Tale Upside Down’ is a project for the whole year. There will be one meeting per month with the same fixed group, while participations in the independent workshops will be accepted.


West: Paramithoupoli Creative Bookstore

(Kavafi str. 12, Efkarpia, 2310 690314)

Startinf Date:  6th of October

East: Mind & Knowledge Creative Bookstore

(Plastira Nikolaou str. 9, Charilaou, 2310 907422)

Starting Date: 19th of October

Workshop Duration:  2 hours

For more information please, contact us at

(specific number of registrations)