(Un)equal relations and alliance?

At the invitation of “Steki Peri Viou” and in collaboration with the team of Brutal Stories we participated in Crash Smallville Karditsa, as part of a series of weekly actions on the Dominant Roles.

At a time when femininity and masculinity do not know very well how to deal with themselves, we continue to build power relations as usual. From the culture of the “Barbie woman” to the model of the “tough man” there are many intermediate stages. What elements – after all – are the ones that cause confusion between men and women? At what stage is each and every one of us? And can we finally change habits and switch stages?

Such questions were asked to be answered by the 12 participants who attended our experiential workshop “(if) EQUAL relations or alliance relations?”. Through role-playing and personal testimonials, we came closer to concepts such as catcalling and a culture of sexism that reproduces unconsciously.

Educational program design: Niki Panteliou