Pixida Straße

In October 2017 we organized at the Jugend Museum in Berlin (http://bit.ly/2EOV3TC) the seminar Pixida Straße (=Compass Street), within the START- Create Cultural Change program

Pixida Straße guided the sex educators on a theatrical journey. The idea was born out of the desire to enrich the already wide range of methods that educators use in their workshops on gender identities. In collaboration with the Madalena-Berlin Theater Group of the Oppressed, we designed a special educational program for teachers. Our main goal was to create a safe environment for teachers to develop their critical thinking through theatrical exercises. Thus, through role-plays, theater-image and theater-newspaper, the participants explored the different ways in which gender stereotypes are portrayed and then internalized. Going through processes of observation, sensation and action as oppressed individuals, teachers now have in their hands a new tool for empowering individuals about their identity and gender expression.