Capes & Fans

The educational program Capes & Fans is about gender stereotypes on Carnival. Genderhood takes a step forward for equality by encouraging children to recognize stereotypes in Halloween costumes and deconstruct them. 

Based on the fairy tale by Lina Mousioni (Metaixmio editions), the workshop invites children to take on the role of the heroine and the hero. Renewed educational program after its implementation in Athens, Thessaloniki and Larissa in 2020, it makes all children’s capes flutter, opening the discussion about colors, appearance and gender choices. We need children to come together with role models who can do it all: from a girl who becomes an Amazon of Fire to a boy who becomes a Rainbow Horse.

Designed by Lambrini Georgiou, Gender Equality & Inclusion Manager


For children:

  • recognition of gender stereotypes related to costumes, habits, preferences and reflection on them
  • critical thinking about the effect of stereotypical gender perceptions on their choices, behaviors and relationships
  • empowerment in the context of recognizing their preferences
  • cultivation of cooperation
  • promotion of healthy interpersonal relationships
  • cultivation of empathy for ‘the other’ and ‘the unusual’
  • confidence boost in their daily choices

For the school community:

  • transformation of the classroom and school environment into an environment that provides freedom of expression for all, regardless of age, gender or cultural background
  • prevention and treatment of discrimination arising out of gender stereotypes
  • prevention and treatment of school bullying due to gender expression

More information

  • Facilitators:  Two (2) educators from Genderhood 
  • Location: school classroom
  • Period: Carnical
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Target group: 8-10 y.o.
  • Group number: 20 students

Α glimpse at our Carnival workshop