Synai/no for primary school children

Synai/no is an independent educational project of an experiential nature for the consensus of self-disposition and physical autonomy. The Genderhood’s training team’s priority is to create a safe space for expression where participants can interact freely and share their personal experiences.

In the first stage, children explore the multidimensional concept of consent. They get acquainted with it, define it and co-shape it with the support of the educators. Then, the team, through games, practices the exchange of consent by participatory activities and in ways of expressing “yes” and “no”. Towards the end, the participants individually undertake the creation of a table of their own consensual greetings, which promotes the values of consensus.

Designed by Lambrini Georgiou

Educational Goals

– empowerment of children who will now function as multipliers of the values of equality and human rights
– cultivation of critical thinking
– development of self-confidence
– cultivation of acceptance, respect, emotional empathy and equality with one another and whomever is “different’’
– development of critical thinking towards stereotypes and prejudices arising from gender roles
– empowerment in the context of self-recognition and acceptance of oneself and the other;  prevention of school bullying and gender-based violence
– transformation of the classroom and school space into an environment that provides freedom of expression for all, regardless of age, gender or cultural background
– prevention and treatment of school bullying

More details

  • Facilitators:  Two(2) educators from Genderhood 
  • Location: school classromm
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Target group: 6-12 y.o.
  • Group number: 20 students 

A glimpse of previous workshops

To Συναι/no είναι ένα βιωματικό εκπαιδευτικό προγράμμα του Genderhood για τη συναίνεση για παιδιά στο δημοτικό, την αυτοδιάθεση, τη σωματική αυτονομία και την ισότητα των φύλων.