Synai/no, Consent Workshop for High School students

The workshop “Consent for High School” is part of the actions provided by Genderhood for consent as a means of preventing abuse in the underage population. It is a self-contained educational activity of experiential character around the theme of consent and self-determination. The aim of the project is to develop acceptance, respect and equality towards self and other, along with the development of critical thinking towards stereotypes and prejudices arising from gender roles. Through role play and brainstorming, the group identifies the different manifestations of consenting bodily autonomy in everyday life. Furthermore, within a safe context, students identify and communicate their feelings in relation to their bodies, needs and desires.  At the same time, they are given the opportunity to discover themselves and their relationship with other people.

The experiential activity aims to raise children’s awareness, but also to cultivate empowered and active citizens who will now act as multipliers of the values of equality and human rights.  At the same time, it inspires the adolescent population to act in a more consensual, self-motivated and self-careful way so that they can gradually build their later life and interpersonal relationships with freedom of expression and self-confidence.

Design: Lamprini Georgiou, Educator

Educational Goals

  • recognition of the many ways of expressing consent in everyday life
  • exploring the freedom that people of different genders, races, religious beliefs and social status have in their choices, behaviours and relationships
  • empowerment in the context of recognition and acceptance of self and others
  • fostering critical thinking
  • promoting freedom of expression
  • developing emotional empathy towards the other and different
  • prevention of abuse and bullying
  • prevention of gender-based violence

More details

  • Facilitators:  Two (2) educators from Genderhood 
  • Location: school classroom
  • Duration: 90′
  • Target group: students 13-15 y.o.
  • Group number: 20 students

A glimpse from previous workshops

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