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    Genderhood is a non-profit civil law company with expertise on non-formal education programs regarding gender equality, power roles, human rights and prevention of gender-based violence.
    The educational content follow a non non-formal approach based on arts and games. Genderhood is addressed to students, parents, teachers and all adults who are wishing for a world of equality and social change.

For children

Children  familiarize themselves with human rights.
They will learn how to apply their right for free expression without gender-based discrimination.

For teachers

Teachers become multipliers for gender equality values.
With the tools provided by Genderhood, they are able to transmit to the
students a critical thinking approach without prejudices.

For parents and adults

The participants will be empowered to recognize and accept themselves, as well as the Other.
The adults are reinforced to avoid conflicts due to power roles and inequalities within their relationships.
Parents gain tools for the education of their children in a safe and inclusive

environment based on values of acceptance..

Working environments are strengthened to express values,
as equality and mutual respect.
Both employees and employers  feel more productive
and thus they contribute to
take more initiatives.


Workshops for children

We organize one-off workshops in schools (with adopted curriculum for diverse ages). Students go through interactive fun activities and they examine and recognize the discrimination that arise from gender-based issues in various ways. Thus, schools get involved actively in a dialogue for the understanding of social injustices. With the instructors’ mediation the children are able to design alternative ways to confront this phenomenon.

Seminars for teachers

We provide seminars for teachers of all grades aimed at empowering their role as educators who wish develop children with self-confidence and equal opportunities in employment and decision- making.
Through interactive non-formal education activities, teachers gather information and tools for developing educational approaches based on human rights.



Workshops for parents and adults

We organize non-formal education workshops for parents and any adults who wish to incorporate practices of acceptance and equality in their behavior.
Through performing arts and role-playing, along with examining the mainstream gender representations in fairy tales, media, advertisements, etc. The participants conclude the workshops full of ideas for instant implementation, favoring everyday practices in a context of equality and mutual respect.

Workshops for businesses & organizations

We implement seminars for incorporating good practices regarding gender in corporations and organizations.
We examine definitions such as “male” and “female”, as well as discrimination within working environments due to the gender discrimination and gender expression.xpression.


For a world that hasn’t yet been created, but it’s now starting to.
For a world that hasn't yet been created, but it's now starting to.