Photo from the Synai/no for parents, a Genderhood's seminar on consent.

Synai/no for parents | Consent seminar for parents and guardians

Synai/no for parents is one of Genderhood’s seminars on consent, self-determination, body autonomy, and gender equality for parents with children 6-12 years old. The aim of the seminar is to empower and educate parents on the above concepts and to integrate them into the upbringing of children, thus preventing incidents of possible sexual abuse.

In the beginning, participants explore and define consent and autonomy. At the same time, within a context of safety and free expression, the group shares personal experiences and memories. Then, through experiential exercises, group members are asked to describe the levels of consent offered by their childhood environment and compare them with how they are raising their children now. Finally, consensual ways of developing a more consensual daily life at home are explored in order to make it more inclusive and free for all, practicing values such as autonomy, self-determination, and free will.

Design: Lamprini Georgiou, Educator

Seminar objectives for parents and guardians

  • developing critical thinking about the impact of gender stereotypes on choices, behaviours and interpersonal relationships
  • kids are involved in the decision-making process for simple and everyday questions
  • the incentive for direct and in-depth communication is strengthened
  • children grow up in a climate of equality, consent and boundaries respect
  • the home is transformed into an environment with freedom of expression for all
  • preventing the sexual abuse of children

More details

  • Facilitators: One educator from the Genderhood team  
  • Location: schools, cultural spaces or online
  • Duration: 120′
  • Target group: parents, guardians and adults who are closely related to children
  • Group number: 25 people for the physical workshop and larger in case of a webinar

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A snapshot from Synai/no for parents, a Genderhood's seminar on consent for parents.
Parents drawing during Synai/no for parents seminar.

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