Consent workshop for parents

Το σεμινάριο Συναι/no για γονείς είναι μία αυτοτελής εκπαιδευτική δράση βιωματικού χαρακτήρα που θέτει στο επίκεντρο την εκπαίδευση και ενδυνάμωση γονέων με παιδιά 6-12 ετών, στο μεγάλωμα παιδιών σε δεξιότητες συναίνεσης. Σκοπός του σεμιναρίου είναι η εξοικείωση των γονέων με τις έννοιες της συναίνεσης και της σωματικής αυτονομίας και  η εμπερίεξη αυτών σε καθημερινές πρακτικές για την πρόληψη κακοποιητικών συμπεριφορών από και προς το παιδί.

The Synai/no seminar for parents is an independent educational activity of experiential character that focuses on training and empowering parents with children 6-12 years old, in raising children in skills of consent. The purpose of the seminar is to familiarize parents with the concepts of consent and bodily autonomy and to embed them in daily practices to prevent abusive behaviors by and towards the child.

Specifically, participants explore and define with the trainer consent and bodily autonomy. The priority at this point is to create a safe space of expression where individuals can interact freely. The group then reflects on their childhood experiences. Through experiential activities, group members are asked to define the levels of consent offered by their childhood environment and compare it to the way their own children are now growing up. Finally, through – not so fantastic – conditions, the group is asked to explore in subgroups the ways in which everyday life at home would change to become more inclusive and free for all, practicing the values of consent and self-determination.

Design: Lamprini Georgiou, Educator

Educational Goals

  • identification and examination of the concepts of consent and body autonomy
  • empowering parents who will now act as multipliers and multipliers of the values of equality and human rights
  • exploring the effects of stereotypical gender perceptions on choices, attitudes and relationships
  • fostering acceptance, respect, emotional empathy and equality towards the other and towards difference
  • developing self-confidence
  • developing children in a climate of equality
  • making the home an environment of freedom of expression for all

More details

  • Facilitators:  Two (2) educators from Genderhood 
  • Location: school, cultural centers or digitally
  • Duration: 120′
  • Target group: parents and adults who are closely related to children
  • Group number: 25 persons for physical presence workshop and bigger in case of webinar

A glimpse from previous activities