“Fem.Gamers” Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki, in collaboration with Genderhood and distinguished educators, organized a series of online workshops on equality and the role of women in the digital games sector. The aim was to promote diversity and bridge the digital gender gap in the gaming sector through education and empowerment in digital skills, providing girls and women […]

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Upside-Down Fairy tales

Upside-Down Fairy Tales A series of experiential workshops consisting of five (5) independent educational projects to combat gendered expectations that appear in fairy tales. The aim of the programme is for children to “exorcise” the fairy-tale expectations of the real world, to break the spell on themselves and to come out of the enchanted forest…

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Playing for equality

Playing for equality It is an equality educational programme consisting of three (3) experiential workshops. It is an active learning programme on equality and human rights, a journey around recognition, respect and inclusion, regardless of gender. Through play and visual arts, children explore their relationship with gender expectations and gender stereotypes. They actively seek what

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