Playing for equality

It is an equality educational programme consisting of three (3) experiential workshops. It is an active learning programme on equality and human rights, a journey around recognition, respect and inclusion, regardless of gender.

Through play and visual arts, children explore their relationship with gender expectations and gender stereotypes. They actively seek what they want their place in society to be and discover ways to secure it.

Design: Niki Panteliou

“Home in Action” uses tools of feminist pedagogy in order for children to build a scenario where they are the protagonists. Through role-playing, children create a domestic setting where they make decisions and have an active role in household chores, regardless of gender.

“Out of the Square” aims to prevent gender-based bullying in schools. We are building a courtyard reality where all children fit, where none are thrown out because they are not what they “should” be. Through dramatised storytelling and role play, we create the conditions so that the playground can be for eveyone and no child feels marginalized. As architects of realities, we design a new map of inclusive experiences with the children.

The “Hercule Poi-Rose” workshop aims to develop critical thinking about the gendered segregation of toys. Through play and artistic creations, children experiment with toys of all colours and shapes. They design their own toys and quickly understand that there are no boy’s or girl’s toys. All toys are for all children, depending on their interests and inclinations.