The Seesaw of Equality

The Seesaw of Equality is an educational project focusing on educating children to develop skills in observing, recognizing, and revising gender stereotypes in games. The goals of the program are to develop acceptance, respect and gender equality, while encouraging the acquisition of critical thinking towards the stereotypes and prejudices that arise from gender roles.

Specifically, through the search and finding of toys belonging to two random characters, Thalia and Theodore, children approach the stereotypical gender categorization of toys, habits, sports and clothes. Gradually, the right environment for collective decision-making is cultivated by the team. Children create a work of art free from gender stereotypes.

Within a safe framework of experiential education, the reflection and encouragement of discovering the needs and preferences of children are promoted, without being influenced by gender social expectations.

Designed by Ioanna Nikolaidou, Early School Educator

Educational Goals

For children:

  • recognition of gender stereotypes related to games, habits, preferences and reflection on them
  • critical thinking about the effect of stereotypical gender perceptions on their choices, behaviors and relationships
  • empowerment in the context of recognizing their preferences
  • cultivation of cooperation
  • promotion of healthy interpersonal relationships
  • cultivation of empathy for ‘the other’ and ‘the unusual’
  • confidence boost in their daily choices

For the school community:

  • transformation of the classroom and school environment into an environment that provides freedom of expression for all, regardless of age, gender or cultural background
  • prevention and treatment of discrimination arising out of gender stereotypes
  • prevention and treatment of school bullying due to gender expression

More details

  • Facilitators:  Two (2) educators from Genderhood 
  • Location: school classroom
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Target group: 4-6 y.o.
  • Group number: 20 students

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