The team

The Team

We have crossed different places.

We are distinct humans who meet each other within the world map.

We are the world we want to make within a limitless map,

where the coordinates will end and what is considered  segmented could possibly come together.


We want you to get to know us and we definitely want to meet you.


Sofia Konstantopoulou
Sofia Konstantopoulou
A feminist in constant question, a romantic traveler, a lover of the mushrooms and of the sea.

I studied Communication and Mass Media at the University of Athens and my life path led me to work in youth projects for Service Civil International, a NGO in Madrid. Inspired by Spanish collective groups, I started being involved in seminars about gender equality for children, the youth and women. I have been part of projects in projects in Brazil, Spain, Balkans and Greece, while most recently I joined the START- Create Cultural Change program in Germany. This is where Genderhood was initially born before turning into a socio-educational program in Greece.


Ioanna Nikolaidou
Early childhood educator in action, adores African rhythms and bongos, fervent supporter of crazy ideas and colorful illuminations. In regard to mushrooms, she is charmed only by Plevrotous mushrooms.

I am currently an Early Childhood Education student at the Aristotele University of Thessaloniki and I have already one Infrastructure Engineering degree in the drwer. I found out that children are at the mere centre of  my professional life. During the last few years I am involved with creative and entertainment activities for children. I have collaborated with several services like non-governmental organizations, summer camps, and agencies which organize children’s activities. I was  always sensitized to issues of gender equality and diversity at early childhood, so I had active participation to relative pedagogical conferences and seminars. Ever since I got involved with Genderhood, I combine creative play with education and the fight against stereotypes.