Maps. They carry axes, vertical and horizontal ones. They speak in numbers and coordinates.

Where the science sees only numbers, we see human beings.

We see human beings who carry their own stories in a world of expectations and/οr oppression due to the fact that they were born as boys or girls.


We don´t want to live in a map like this. That ‘s why we are building Genderhood, a brand new map of experiences with gender expectations and stereotypes content.

For children:

  • Familiarize themselves with human rights.
  • Learn how to apply their right for free expression without gender-based discrimination.

For teachers:

  • Evolve to multipliers for gender equality values.
  • With the tools provided by Genderhood, they get able to transmit to to the students a critical thinking approach without prejudices.

For parents and adults:

  • Empowered to recognize and accept themselves, as well as the Other.
  • The adults are reinforced to avoid conflicts due to power roles and inequalities within their relationships.
  • Parents gain tools for the education of their children in a safe and inclusive environment based on values of acceptance..

For businesses and organizations:

  • Working environments are strengthened to express values such as equality and mutual respect.
  • Both employees and employers feel more productive and thus they contribute to taking more initiatives.