NOKIA’s StrongHer meets Genderhood

NOKIA’s StrongHer meets Genderhood


In November 2019, Genderhood was found at NOKIA’s headquarters in Athens with two different workshops that combat gender stereotypes. In collaboration with the grassroots network · StrongHer Hellas· of NOKIA Hellas Genderhood team welcomed two groups of children, from 5 to 9 years old with the experiential workshops ‘Playing for Equality’ and ‘Upside-Down Fairy Tale’.


The collaboration with NOKIA was built on the common vision that the StrongHer network shares with Genderhood: a world where women and men will have equal opportunities. StrongHer advances gender diversity by offering networking opportunities, personal development, and a think-tank on leadership and management.


Genderhood & StrongHer Εmmy Papantoniou, Nickie Panteliou, Despoina Kitsou, Marina Topalza, Sofia Konstantopoulou

Thus, after a fruitful discussion with members of the StrongHer network in NOKIA HELLAS, the idea of ​​incorporating gender mainstreaming into the families of the employees came up quite organically. By exposing children to different patterns, children develop critical thinking and get empowered to take a step forward to shorten gender bias.


On Saturday, November 23rd 2019, Genderhood co-founders, Sofia Konstantopoulou and Niki Panteliou, received 30 children and introduced them to the world of equality through the game and the world of fairy tales.

The children durin ´Hercules Pua-Rose´ workshop

The first group (5-8 y.o.) participated in the “Hercules Pua-Rose” workshop. The Hercules Pua-Rose scenario was just an invitation to rescue the lost mystery. Through visual creations, children experimented with toys of all colors and shapes. They designed their own toys and quickly realized that there were no boyish or girlish toys. All toys are for all children, depending on their interests and tastes.

Children running in order to solve the mystery of the lost toy

The second group (6-9 y.o.) participated in the workshop “Princes & Princesses”, which is part of the educational program “Upside-Down Fairy Tale”. In this workshop the children emerged to magical worlds. The purpose was to spoil fairy tale expectations for the golden prince. Boys and girls realized that neither the wealth nor the palaces are enough to win the heart of a princess. With the help of children and a drop of their imagination ´s magical filter, the setting was set up to create their own unique fairy tale: one with no stereotypes, without DOs and DON´Ts, where heroes and heroines can do everything.


Finally, Genderhood’s team talked with the children´s parents. The involvement of parents in the educational process followed by Genderhood is very crucial. At the end of the workshops, parents are provided with a manual of good practices on gender mainstreaming. “Since there are no Parent Schools that provide diplomas for the best parents, I think just bringing your children to our workshops is significant of how you want to see them grow up,” Sofia Konstantopoulou said in a discussion with parents.


The day closed with the children leaving with their handmade creations as a souvenir of the hours spent in equality and mutual respect.

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