[ballot box] + [gender]

[ballot box] + [gender]


ballot box: [ C ] a box into which people put their voting slips when voting
gender: [ U ] the physical and/or social condition of being male or female


Definitions in dictionaries. They define words with objective references to conditions that are presented as objective truths.


But what happens when the truths are not only objective?
How many female votes can the ballot box hold? How much of public discourse is exclusively male?


In March 2019, after the invitation of the Smallville community, created in Xylokastro, Corinth, as part of the Brutal Stories initiative, Genderhood designed, cut and sewed a workshop to respond to current needs. Election posters are stuck on the streets in each election season, television panels are set up, and politicians speak directly to the candidates.

Together with the Smallville community we brought to life the personal experiences of people in the local community. Eventually, those are the people who shape the character of the city.


The participants  formed their own [gender] and partitioned it into [ballot box].


Educational program design: Nickie Panteliou