un(EQUAL) relations or relations of allies?

un(EQUAL) relations or relations of allies?


Invited by “Steki Peri Viou” and in collaboration with Brutal Stories we participated in Crash Smallville Karditsa, in the framework of a series of weekly activities concerning the Predominant Roles.


Ιn an era that femininity and masculinity do not even know how to encounter themselves, we go on building power relations, like if it were our habit. Starting from the culture of “Barbie woman” and ending to the prototype of “the tough man”, there are so many levels in between. What are finally the elements that produce the confusion between men and women? At what level is located each of us? And can we finally change the habits and climb up some levels?


Those were some οf the questions that participants of our workshop “(un)EQUAL relations or relations of allies” were asked to answer. Through role-playing and personal testimonies, we came closer to terms like catcalling and rape culture which are easily unconsciously reproduced.


Educational program design: Nickie Panteliou