Workshops for childen

Workshops for childen

Workshops for children

We organize one-off workshops in schools (with adopted curriculum for diverse ages). Students go through interactive fun activities and they examine  and recognize the discrimination that arise from gender-based issues in various ways. Thus, schools get involved actively in a dialogue for the understanding of social injustices.

With the instructors’ mediation the children are able to design alternative ways to confront this phenomenon.

What are the benefits?

✓ Development of self-esteem and self-confidence
✓ Future professionals with equal opportunities
✓ Advocates of a society free of gender stereotypes
✓ Change-makers and role-models for their peer groups
✓ Children with freedom of expression both in private and public sphere
✓ Empowered individuals with solid personalities and critical thinking
✓ Reinforcement of empathy and respect towards the “other” and the “different”
✓ Prevention of bullying due to the gender identity or/and gender expression